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Top 10 tour spot in Bangladesh 2022

Best 10 tour spot in Bangladesh all time

You are right place to know Top 10 tour spot in Bangladesh 2022. The northeast region of South Asia, Bangladesh, is home to many natural wonders. These include mountains, rivers, beaches, biodiversity, ancient archeological sites, medieval monasteries, temples, pagodas as well as mosques, churches, and many other attractions. To the north lies the majestic Himalayas, while the Bay of Bengal is to the south. This large delta is characterized by lush greenery, many waterways, and a lot of waterways. The delta’s Padma, Meghna, and Jamuna rivers provide fertile areas. The monsoon brings rain to cool the scorching summer and makes for a beautiful year. In the truest sense, Bangladesh is an eco-tourism hotspot with many natural wonders and beauty.

tour spot in Bangladesh
tour spot in Bangladesh

It had a turbulent past that saw it freed from British rule and then Pakistani rule. It is amazing to think that this all happened in the 20th Century. It offers travelers who desire a true picture of the region a glimpse into its real life.

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of amazing natural beauty. Her beauty has been blessed by the blessings of nature. In a country as small as Bangladesh, there are many tourist destinations. Below are the Top 10 Tourist Locations in Bangladesh.

1. Sundarbans:

UNESCO has designated the Sundarbans as a World Heritage Site. It is the largest mangrove forest between two countries. This is the Kingdom of the Royal Bengal Tiger. There are many species of birds, animals, and plants to be found here. I recommend that you visit the Sundarbans at least once in your lifetime.


2. Chittagong Hill Tracks:

Hills are always magical for tourists. You should visit Chittagong Hill Tracks once as it is home to many tribal people and you will be amazed at the incredible green views. Additionally,  Chittagong Hill Tracks can be a great place to go on an adventure tour. The authority will have to give you permission.

3. Srinagar:

Srinagar, the capital of tea in Bangladesh, is located in the northern part of the country. Here you’ll find lush greenery fields and lush forests. This is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh, where you can truly have a place and a calm environment. Thus, there are also two other places to visit: Lawachhara National Park and Hamham Waterfalls.

4. Rangamati:

The District of Chittagong Hill Tracks is located in Rangamati. This area offers natural amusement. Here, you will find a manmade lake called Kaptai, which you can ride on a boat around the day. There is also a Buddhist monastery named Rajban Bihari. It’s a handicrafts market that sells high-quality products made by the Rangamati tribal.

5. Paharpur:

Paharpur, which is also known as Sompuri Maharabihara and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the most prominent archeological site in Bangladesh. A region of the country in the northwestern part is home to the city. It was the first Buddhist monastery that attracted people from all parts of the globe to study higher.

6. Lalbag Fort:

Another famous historical site in Bangladesh is Lalbag Fort or Aurangabad. It is located in the southwestern region of Dhaka, Bangladesh, near the Buriganga River. It was constructed by Muhammad Azzam in 1678. In addition, Lalbag Fort is the result of the Mughal prince’s incomplete dream. After Prince Azam’s death, the fort was still unfinished.

7.Star Mosque:

It is a popular tourist attraction in Dhaka. It is decorated with mosaics. This mosque is also used for regular prayer. This mosque is also open to non-muslims outside of prayer hours. This mosque was built in Mughal style. The motifs of stars make it Star Mosque.

8. Ahsan Manzil:

Ahsan Manzil, also known as the Pink Palace, is the most significant architectural heritage. It was built in 1872 by Nawab Abdul Gani. The museum now houses all types of items from the owners of this two-story building. You can experience the life of the Nawabs in Bengal. There are 23 galleries that display historical items.

9. Jaflong:

This is the border between India and Bangladesh. This is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. It’s also a great place to go on an adventure. The area is hilly and visitors can see the waterfall from Jaflong to Sylhet. Therefore, Jaflong’s hills are covered in forest, and many wild animals can be found within the forest. The most beautiful spots in Jaflong are zero points and the tea garden.

10. Lalakhal:

Lalakhal canal is Sylhet’s most beautiful and extensive. This river has a unique feature: you can see different colors at different points like clear, green or blue water. The canal is ideal for boat riding, swimming, and lying down. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the beautiful blue mountains.

Beautiful Places in Bangladesh

These beautiful places in Bangladesh are a representation of all that is wonderful, glorious, and alluring. They promise a memorable trip to this vast country. Moreover, Bangladesh is the perfect destination for those who want a unique experience in travel, rich in natural beauty and ancient architecture.