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Free travel guide to japan 2022 | Tourist Point

Free travel guide to japan 2022

The island nation of Japan is intertwined with its culture and history. So, you may know travel guide to japan and all information. Traveling to Japan offers experiences like no other, from the epic wilderness of Hokkaido to the tropical beaches of Okinawa. Food, culture, history, and the outdoors are just a few of the things Japan has to offer.

Among Japan’s four main islands, Honshu receives the most tourists. A wide range of temples can be found in Kyoto, deer can be found in Nara and you can eat anything in Tokyo.

Free travel guide to japan
Free travel guide to japan

There are two best times to visit Japan:

spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). During these times, you’ll find cherry blossoms and bright red leaves adding color and contrast to the landscape. However, it can be very crowded during this time as well.

It is ideal for hikers and outdoor lovers to explore the mountains of the Japanese Alps and Hokkaido’s wild national parks in the summer months (June to August). The weather is hot and humid in other parts of the country. May and June are the rainy seasons. If you want to know about Bangladesh vacation spots click here

You should also consider Japan’s national holidays, such as Shogatsu (Japanese New Year), Obon (in mid-August or mid-July, depending on the region), and Golden Week (between April 29 and May 5).

Can you tell me how much travel insurance I need for Japan?

It is common for foreign tourists in Japan to wonder if they need travel insurance for business or vacation trips. Japan requires visas for foreigners that include medical insurance. The location of Japan means that you will need worldwide travel insurance if you need medical care, lose your baggage, or have to cancel your hotel and flight arrangements.

Here are some fun facts about Japan

You can share these fun facts about Japan with other travelers or even locals! So let them in on some fun facts about Japan!

  • There are a lot of mountains in Japan.
  • Japan has a Rabbit Island.
  • Four is extremely unlucky.
  • The festival is bizarre.
  • There are some of the most punctual trains in the world on Japanese trains.
  • Wacky flavors are a favorite of the Japanese.
  • Everybody has their own seal.
  • There are anti-ninja floors.

Can you visit Japan without a tourist visa?

A total of 66 countries are exempt from visa requirements for entering Japan; however, the length of time you can stay depends on your citizenship.

travel guide to japan
travel guide to japan

Many foreign nationals (such as Americans, Brits, Canadians, and Australians) are eligible for notified exemptions (free 90-day tourists visas), provided they will not work in Japan. Tourist visas are issued for periods less than 15 days in other countries.

What is the safety situation in Japan?

The country is generally safe and crime is low. When I met a woman who taught English in Tokyo, she said she left her wallet in a train station. It was there, untouched, and when she retraced her steps the next day, it was exactly where she left it.

Japanese culture doesn’t encourage theft, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stolen if you’re not aware of your surroundings. Use common sense wherever you go, and be aware of your surroundings. It’s always a good idea to get travel insurance so you’re covered in case anything goes missing or you run into an emergency.

How much does the Japanese currency cost?

There is only one currency in Japan, the yen ( * ). As of right now, the exchange rate is as follows:

  • USD: $1 = ¥110
  • British Pound: £1 = ¥153
  • Euro: €1 = ¥135
  • CAD: $1 = ¥88
  • Bangladesh: 1BD=1.47¥
  • Australian Dollar: $1 = ¥88

Does Japan accept credit cards?

Generally, major credit cards are accepted at large chains of hotels, nice restaurants, and shops in large cities, but you’ll need cash if you’re at small restaurants, markets or rural areas. It is a good idea not to rely solely on your plastic in many places since credit cards are not widely accepted.

Japan’s cost of living?

You may wish to know how much certain things cost to get an idea of what you can expect to pay. Tokyo’s average prices are offered only as a guideline. Prices are subject to change depending on location. In Japan, a reasonable budget for two is around 133,060 yen per week.

This is the cost of staying in a good, mid-range hotel and eating out once a week, while also preparing some meals yourself. There are some sightseeing activities included, but they don’t include adventure sports or private tours, which are expensive.

It is generally cheaper per day to travel for a longer period, while fly-in, and fly-out trips can be more costly.