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Best travel information Jamaica 2022 | Tourist Point

Best travel information Jamaica 2022

Guys, if you are a travel-loving person, you should read Best travel information Jamaica 2022. For those visiting Jamaica for the first time, these tips can make their trip even more enjoyable. In addition to being home to the legendary Bob Marley, Jamaica is also home to some of the world’s fastest sprinters and is well known for its reggae culture. Whether you’re looking for coffee or crafted rum, or you’re looking for stunning beaches along the Caribbean coast or waterfalls in the rainforest, there’s no reason you shouldn’t include wonderful Jamaica on your bucket list. Here are ten tips to ensure that your first vacation in this charming country is safe and enjoyable.

Best travel information Jamaica
Best travel information Jamaica

Be Respectful:

Tourists are more likely to approach local merchants when visiting Jamaican craft markets and beaches if they respect the locals. A tourist who tries to learn Jamaican will also be appreciated by Jamaicans. Therefore, it’s important to learn a few local phrases before leaving. Visit Korea click here

Jamaican Currency:

Approximately 150 JMD equals one US dollar in Jamaica. Tourists are advised not to exchange cash at the airport since the exchange rate is lower there than in the city. ATMs are also available in Jamaica, so travelers can access their savings. US cash is accepted in Jamaica for visitors from the United States, making it easier to use local currency. Additionally, even if ATMs are available, always carry cash.

Additional Reminders

Since the temperatures in Jamaica can be extremely hot, and the sun is very intense, it is highly recommended for travelers to wear sunscreen. At night, be sure to bring a mosquito repellent, especially around sunset, since mosquitoes in Jamaica appear once the sun goes down. It is safe to drink tap water in most destinations around the country. Additionally, Jamaican plugs are 100 volts; therefore, you need a universal adapter.

Eat At Local Restaurants:

A less expensive yet delicious supper can be found at local eateries. Many local restaurants serve more traditional cuisine, and travelers can ask locals for recommendations. Most local restaurants also serve highly distinctive Jamaican cuisine and beverages. Jamaican cuisine is characterized by a variety of spices and flavors. Ackee & Saltfish, Curry Goat, Oxtail, Escovitch Fish, and Callaloo, are some of the typical Jamaican meals.

Don’t just stay at the beaches:

While Jamaica is renowned for its turquoise blue Caribbean waters and white sand beaches, it has much more to offer. There are many lush green mountains, stunning caverns, breathtaking waterfalls, remote settlements, and a host of other natural wonders to explore. Wandering around the country and escaping the shoreline is a challenge for every tourist. In addition, several guided tours offer off-the-beaten-path activities in Jamaica, such as rafting, Rastafari experiences, river and waterfall combo trips, etc.

Best time to visit Jamaica:

There will be fewer hassles, fewer tourists, lower lodging prices, and more opportunities to bargain during the off-season. You can visit the islands during the off-season, which lasts from about the middle of May until December. From November to December, the weather on the islands is ideal, with temperatures ranging between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also the best time for hotel and flight deals. The summer season offers lower rates, but it is also hurricane season.

Use Common Sense:

To avoid becoming a target, tourists should carry a black plastic bag and place their essentials inside it. In order to protect their belongings from thieves, tourists don’t have to worry. There are a lot of tourists in Jamaica, so thieves won’t suspect the bag contains a camera, money, or anything else valuable. Therefore, it is safe for travelers to visit; they should just use common sense to keep themselves safe.

Take Route Taxis:

Most Jamaicans use route taxis for transportation. Each taxi follows a specific itinerary for a set price. In addition to being less expensive than private taxis, route taxis are also known locally as chartered taxis. From the airport to downtown Montego Bay, it should cost J$100, or US$1, and from Montego Bay to Negril, it should cost J$475 or US$4. For other locations, the fee will depend on the route taken, but it is unlikely to exceed US$10.

Stay Out Of The All-inclusive Resorts:

All-inclusive resorts limit the number of times travelers can spend in Jamaica if they want to see more. It is not all about resort hotels and infinity pools, and the best way to see the country is to stay in local guesthouses and lodges. By doing so, tourists will get local tips on where to go, eat, and what to do and will also be able to interact with the locals. Best travel information Jamaica 2022 for you.